The Red Tea Detox might seem like a tasty tea but you’ll quickly realize that it’s so much more than that. In fact, this weight loss program is the most comprehensive system I’ve ever seen. It covers absolutely every element of your health – from your mental health to your emotional wellbeing, weight loss and fitness, diet and lifestyle, and so much more. And it’s all put together in a fun, entertaining and easy-to-read system called, you guessed it, The Red Tea Detox. So, if you’re ready to tackle your 2018 New Year’s Resolutions, I think you just found your cup of tea. Pun intended!

You can make African red tea much like other herbal teas, according to Teavana. Add a 1 1/2 teaspoons of loose African red tea to make an 8-ounce serving, using boiling water. Allow the tea to steep for roughly five to six minutes, longer if you wish for a stronger tasting tea. Letting the tea steep for longer will not cause the tea to become bitter. Indeed, traditionally, African red tea has been allowed to steep for several days. If you want to make chilled African red tea, you can place the hot tea in the fridge to let it cool. Alternatively, double the amount of tea used and then pour the hot tea over a glass filled with ice cubes.

36. 36 THE ULTIMATE GUIDE TO DETOXING number on the scale change over time, but the drop is nowhere near the level you expect. Thus, there might come a time when you start feeling that weight loss is an unachievable goal. To put it simply, the problem of ‘effective’ weight loss can be solved if you notice the fruits of your labor. This means that the results start appearing soon after you follow the plan. It is only natural that you feel motivated and encouraged to continue with the plan once you see that your efforts are making a difference. It is not possible for you to enjoy the benefits of a diet when you cannot actually view the changes. Once you start perceiving the changes positively, it sets your mind and body on a path towards weight loss success. You will get healthier and leaner and this, in turn, will motivate you to continue with your efforts. This is where The Red Tea Detox makes a real difference. You will start seeing real results in a short period of time, rather than having to follow the program for months on end with no visible changes to your body. The results are tangible, and they give you the fuel to continue following the program beyond the initial stages. You will be able to visualize yourself at the end of your weight loss journey, and there is no greater motivation to keep going.

11Most processed meats contain sodium nitrites. Considering these are high-protein foods, it’s the perfect combination for nitrosamine to form.  Too much omega-6 fatty acid in industrial seed oils like cottonseed, corn, soybean,saower, etc. Processed sugar, particularly high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS) Genetically modied foods, particularly GMO corn and soy Built-up pharmaceuticals such as antibiotics and other toxins such as steroids and BHTfound in animal products including meat, eggs, and dairy Pesticides and herbicides found on conventionally grown produce and grainToxins in food are almost unavoidable. Eating a clean, organic diet will help you stay healthy and reduce your overall toxic load.Toxins in waterAlmost all life on the planet relies on water for life, so it’s incredible that this precious resource is so often treated with blatant disregard. We are led to believe that treated water is safe to drink and bathe in; and to a certain extent, this is true since deadly pathogens are usually removed before water reaches our taps.But many toxins are not removed from tap water, and many of these often nd their way into natural sources of water, too. Pharmaceuticals, industrial chemicals, pesticides, fertilizers, and heavy metals like mercury, lead, and arsenic are often present in trace amounts. They don’t make you feel sick right away, but they do accumulate in your body. And, adding a bit of insult to injury, anyone who is drinking or bathing in treated tap water is also absorbing toxic byproducts of the water treatment process, such as chlorine. How do all these pollutants nd their way into our water supply? There are several ways: Industrial wastes like lead, arsenic, mercury, and petrochemicals leach into streams andrivers Automotive uids like antifreeze, gasoline, and car oil go down storm drains and eventuallyow into waterways
Along with that, this red tea formula supposedly detoxes your organism from all the leftover toxins that you ingest on the regular daily basis such as transfats, nitrates, pesticides, GMOs and Omega-6 residues, etc. Only a few cups of this tea a day along with other healthy habits shall boost your body and help you achieve serious results in a matter of weeks.
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The ​Red Tea Detox is suitable for both men and women from their 30's to their 60's in age. It is at this time in life when most people's bodies become more stubborn about weight loss, harboring fat, and even more susceptible to life-threatening conditions. Thankfully, the ​Red Tea Detox Program helps you ensure you maintain a quality of life that is healthy and you do not find yourself facing weight-related issues.
This is a fantastic detox program that offers tremendous value. For that, we give it a final grade of 4.7 out of 5. I would recommend this to anyone who is serious about losing weight and detoxing simultaneously. You get so many products and a wealth of information in this one packaged product. Take advantage of this offer now and reap the long-term benefits.
12 Lawn chemicals and waste from conventional farms – including fertilizers, massiveamounts of animal waste, herbicides, and pesticides leach into groundwater and eventuallymake their way into waterways Water percolates through landlls heaped with garbage, dead animals, and chemicalwaste, making its way into groundwater and waterways Factory farms or CAFOs (conned animal feeding operations) that raise animals likechickens, pigs, and cattle for the meat industry release animal waste into waterways.The waste often contains pollutants including antibiotics, steroids, hormones, and otherpharmaceuticals.Water travels quickly from one place to another. Everything ows downstream. Even if you live in a pristine neighborhood, your water supply may contain harmful contaminants. Luckily, there’s an easy way to deal with toxins from water. Installing a whole-house ltration system can help you and your family avoid waterborne toxins in the future. If you can’t do that, at least treat yourself to a good system for ltering the water you drink. There are several inexpensive options available including water ltration systems that can sit on your kitchen counter without any expensive or complicated installations. Toxins in airOxygen is vital to life, and the air we breathe should be full of it. Unfortunately, dirty air is everywhere these days – and this is true even if you live in a clean environment. Wind carries toxins like auto exhaust, smoke from wildres, harmful gases from reneries and factories, and even radioactive particles all over the planet. Less-harmful toxins like dust, mold, pet dander, and mildew are present in the air too, and we’re often subjected to things like paint fumes, perfumes, and articially scented cleaners. The dirtier the air you breathe, the less oxygen you get with every breath and the more toxins your body is forced to deal with. Avoiding obvious sources of air pollution can help reduce your load. Table of contents Introduction Chapter 1: Toxins and You Where are Toxins Found? Toxins in food Toxins in water Toxins in air Toxins in soil Toxins in synthetic materials Toxins in Self-Care Products Fat and Toxins: A Deadly Connection Chapter 2: Why Detox with Red Tea? Understanding the Body’s Detoxification System How Red Tea Supports Detox 6 ... [Show full abstract]View full-text

7. 07 THE ULTIMATE GUIDE TO DETOXING Detoxing and Dieting: The Difference As mentioned in the introduction, detoxification is the process of expelling toxins from your body. An effective way of doing so is preventing the said toxins from entering your system in the first place. Now, when you’re dieting, you usually:  Cut out certain foods from your daily diet according to the guidelines of the diet plan you are following  Restrict the number of calories you consume on a daily basis Detoxing, on the other hand, involves changing your eating habits to reduce your intake of foods that contain toxins or toxic substances. Because your body is constantly exposed to toxins, continual detox is important, and you can do this by modifying your diet. Why Detoxing Is Better There are several reasons why detoxing is better than dieting: SUSTAINABILITY Let’s say your diet plan requires you to stop eating ice cream, or pizza. While you may be able to stay away from your favorite foods for a few months, you can’t sustain it in the long run. Your level of satisfaction decreases when you deprive yourself of certain food items, especially the ones you like. There will come a time when you buckle under the pressure and give in to temptation. The entire concept of ‘cheat days’ is based on this lack of satisfaction. Detoxing is far more sustainable than dieting.

37. 37 THE ULTIMATE GUIDE TO DETOXING But Isn’t Quick Weight Loss Dangerous? A question that might come to mind when you read about the quick results The Red Tea Detox can deliver is if the quick weight loss can prove harmful for your health. The fact of the matter is there is no conclusive evidence to suggest there will be danger to your health if you lose weight quickly. You might find information to the contrary on the web, which is the basis for this myth. If you investigate closely, you will find that the studies and research painting fast weight loss in a negative light focus on the methods people use for achieving the results. Moreover, you have to focus on the tradeoff. The excess weight and fat you are carrying around is more dangerous to your health than any effect quick weight loss can have. You are actually preventing the risk of serious health problems by losing the excess weight. Data clearly shows that obesity is an epidemic. Obesity is the second-most prevalent cause of preventable death in the US. Plus, excess weight exposes you to the risk of a large number of health problems, ranging from sleep apnea to coronary heart disease, the outcome of which can be fatal. So, in fact, your approach should be to shed the excess weight as quickly as you possibly can. After all, don’t you want to wake up feeling fresh, rather than fatigued, which is the case with most people who are overweight or obese? Moreover, the longer you put off making an effort to lose weight, the greater risk you pose to your health. Sooner or later, your unhealthy lifestyle will catch up with you and the fat that you can shed easily with The Red Tea Detox can potentially prove fatal in the long run. In this chapter, we will explore The Red Tea Detox in more detail, including how it works. The next section will focus on the recipes you can use, and we will also be covering the many benefits of using this program for weight loss rather than any other ‘diet’ you find online.

Vegetables: Unlimited low-glycemic vegetables (see list) and Detox Broth (recipe here) – Yay for not having to count calories! I loved having unlimited access to veggies. Sure you get sick of salad, but you can have all the roasted, steamed, grilled, and raw veggies that you want! I liked this flexibility a lot. It was also interesting to see what was considered low-glycemic and what wasn’t. Carrots, sweet potatoes, and corn were all off the list, but you could eat all the peppers and tomatoes you wanted.
Liz’s book, “The Red Tea Detox,” is jam-packed with information so that anybody can easily go shopping locally and round-up all of the ingredients needed to make their own Red Tea Detox potion. Reader testimonials have been phenomenal. Take a look at what Ron A., a 32 year old Computer Programmer from Miami, Florida had to say: “I never felt hungry while drinking this tasty tea. I lost 16 pounds of fat without much effort. I lost all the weight I wanted and I never felt deprived either.”

This Red Tea Detox review defined what this program is all about, what it offers, and how it works. While the secret African red tea makes a good story, it may make some people wonder if there is any truth behind it. The benefit of being able to make your own tea at home is ideal for some users, but others just want a product that is already made and ready to drink.
​The Red Tea Detox Program gives you all the tools you need to achieve your weight-loss goals. You get the priceless red tea recipe, along with all of the research that is behind the red tea detox and its power for effective results. You will also get a full eating plan to follow throughout the detox process, a workout guide, and a motivational booklet to keep you focused on your goals.
42. 42 THE ULTIMATE GUIDE TO DETOXING flavor of the tea is deceptive, i.e. so good that you might feel it contains all the forbidden treats you like. However, what you might not realize is that Red Tea contains fiber and other nutritious ingredients, in addition to its high water content. You can drink as much Red Tea as you want, killing your cravings in the process and stepping on the path to effective and healthy weight loss. Rest assured, you will encounter no sense of deprivation at any point! DETOXIFICATION And now we have come full circle to the basic idea behind this report: detoxification. Make no mistake that your body is equipped to eliminate toxins. There are several mechanisms and systems within your body that flush out toxins. However, the level of toxic exposure today means that your body needs some assistance to carry out the process. Red Tea can help speed up and optimize the process to ensure your body is able to get rid of toxins in an effective manner. As we have mentioned time and again, toxins are harmful for your health. If you want to be healthy and happy, you need to detoxify your system and Red Tea will help you achieve the desired results. The fact of the matter is that despite your best efforts, toxins will find a way into your system. The air you breathe, the beverages you drink, and the food you consume are all absorbed by your body. However, once your system extracts what it needs from these, you get leftover waste that your body has to expel. Unluckily, the digestive process doesn’t address this issue and over time, toxins continue to build up within your system. With Red Tea, you can increase your fiber intake so that your body is equipped to handle the waste and eliminate toxins effectively. How it Works So, now we move to the business end of the eBook: turning your body into a fat burning machine. The average person consumes a meal whenever he/she feels hungry. The food you consume
I so enjoyed reading all your personal notes on this diet. I think we pretty much eat just like this as we love vegan eating. I absolutely detest yogurt! But I think I’ll give this a go and make your curry and lentil burgers. I always like your recipes, I feel like we have similar food tastes. We eat lots of apples and peaches so giving those up will be a challenge. Thank you for being so thorough in what worked and what didn’t.
The program is designed to last fourteen days, which the author claims are the perfect length of time for a detox. During these fourteen days, she says that users can expect to lose up to fourteen pounds, amounting to about a pound per day. It’s important to note that this far exceeds what physicians would regard as a healthy number of pounds to lose in just two weeks.